Casper’s Creatures is the latest project of Dutch artist Cas Grooters.

After finding out the hard way that the dead heron he found and used in one of his artworks didn’t exactly hold up for the duration of an exposition, Cas decided to explore the field of taxidermy.

He became a licensed taxidermist but he found all the grey zones and differences in European law regarding taxidermy very cumbersome and decided to settle on something that was legal everywhere: Chickens.

As a nature lover and vegetarian Cas has only worked with animals he has found dead, e.g road-kill or died of natural causes. It is important to him that no animal was killed for the purpose of taxidermy. The chickens keep up this tradition, even though in a slightly different way: All chickens that are used in Cas’ work are male chickens, which were discarded and killed as a by-product of the egg-industry. (Here is some information on Wikipedia)

Cas tries to let them live on as magic creatures to which the rules of the normal animal world do not apply.